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NOTE: If you get a black screen when you first login, go in the setting, click the small screen. After that, make sure that it is on low or mid settings, then click on 'Custom' and make sure it is on OpenGL! Finally close the client and reload it to play CodScape!

CodScape is currently: ONLINE

Are you ready for the challenge and the fun you're going to experience?
CodScape has all types of playing styles, Pking, Active community, great forums, and a Stable server. Here at CodScape we make sure all our players questions are answered.
Please contact the staff members in-game or in the forums.

We are currently under development and we are also looking for active players who can help CodScape by donating. We are currently a 24/7 server with a forums where you may apply and be staff.
We were one of the most popular server and we need your help to be the most popular server again, so please join us and enjoy your experience with CodScape!

In CodScape we have all working skills and working dungeoneering. We also have the 719 Runescape graphics. CodScape has all skillcape emotes including the max cape and the completionist cape with high quality and we are also going to add every emote there is in Runescape 3!
We have FINALLY added 120 skillcapes!

We are still updating the server but we are going to keep the website and server up so everyone can have a good time so we can become the no.1 24/7 Runescape Private Server.

It would be a big help if everyone could help donate to get the server back to the same as it was a few months ago. In CodScape we have had over 10+ Players online everyday and that is how we want to keep it. We would like your help to donate for the server to keep it running 24/7 so everyone can have a great time.

To keep everyone updated please check the forums and click on "UPDATES".

NOTE: Please carefully read the rules so you will not get muted/banned from CodScape.


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